Every InterVarsity Witnessing Community should include non-Christians.

The Faith Journey Quiz is based on the 5 Thresholds, or the five stages that non-believers typically go through as they take steps to follow Jesus. 

As you learn the thresholds, you can help people move through them towards Jesus. Watch the videos and learn how to have better spiritual conversations with everyone on campus.

Learn the stages that non-Christians experience on their way to faith in Jesus.

Evangelism Used to be Binary

In the past, you either shared the gospel, or you did not share the gospel. There was no in-between.

The Process is Predictable

Over the past 20+ years, we have interviewed thousands of people who have moved through the same 5 stages and become followers of Jesus. 

Grow as a Trust Builder

Distrust is often the starting place.

We have let them down. There are a lot of church scandals. We don't live up to our values.

Everyone can build Trust.

Invest in your friends by spending time doing the activities they enjoy.

Encourage Curiosity

We live in an age of Indifference.

We all prefer our comfort bubbles. It takes energy to be fascinated by people and ideas.

You can live Curiously.

Jesus is an expert at asking questions that lead to genuine curiosity. Ask questions like Jesus does.

Become Open! 

Complacency crushes the soul.

When we don't know how to make a change, we feel disappointed and passive.

Change awakens the soul.

Invite your friends to name their real needs. Ask them to pray for God to make a change.

Help your friends seek Jesus

Wandering is just the beginning.

No one has taught us how to seek...so we look everywhere.

Join your friends in their Quest.

You can help them actually seek Jesus and decide for themselves if he is worth following.

Invite them into the Kingdom

The Search for faith is not easy.

We face many barriers, and get confused about deciding to follow Jesus.

Following Jesus is worth it.

Listen to your friends' fears, and show them how Jesus can do a better job of leading our lives than we can.