Quick Bible Studies

These bible studies were developed to help non-Christians seek Jesus quickly. Each study has artistic interpretations of each passage, as well as six simple discussion questions to ask with a friend.

Luke 19

Zacchaeus is a corrupt tax collector who skims off the top of the taxes he takes from his community. His encounter with Jesus is a trust-building moment that blossoms into something bigger.

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John 2

Jesus helps a wedding couple avoid dishonor by turning water into fine wine. Those that witnessed this miracle had many questions.

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Luke 14

Jesus tells a story relating the Kingdom of God to a great banquet, where some guests refuse to come, and others are open to the sudden invitation.

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John 1

As Jesus calls his disciples, news about him spreads to anyone that wants to come and see who Jesus is for themselves.

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Luke 15

Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son, who comes home to a father that welcomes him with open arms.

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