Identifying and addressing the barriers to trust.

Discuss the questions below:

Round 1 - Barriers to Trust

Christian Friend - What fears do you have to overcome in order to talk about your faith with your friends?

Seeking Friend - What are some of the experiences you have had that could get in the way of trusting a Christian? 

Round 2 - Building Trust

Christian Friend - When was the last time you trusted a non-Christian friend to listen about your spiritual life?

Seeking Friend - Share a story of a Christian that has earned your trust.

Round 3 - Debrief

What did you learn about each other? Did anything surprise you?

Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

In Luke 19, Zacchaeus has a trust building encounter with Jesus that begins with an invitation and blossoms into something bigger.

After studying this passage with your friend, brainstrom: 

Who is one friend you can build trust with this week?

Text them an invitation to get a meal together.

The journey's not over - when will you get together and explore the next step on the journey to faith?