Identfiying where we need help making a change. 

Discuss the questions below:

Warm Up

Where do you feel stuck or dissatisfied?

Round 1 - Barriers to Openness

Seeking Friend - How open are you to allowing God to help you get unstuck, and why? 

Christian Friend - How have you experienced God’s help with getting unstuck?

Round 2 - Becoming Open

Seeking Friend - How open are you to praying to see how God might help you?

Christian Friend - Offer to pray with the friend who is trying these steps with you.

Round 3 - Debrief

1. How was the experience of prayer? (If you got to pray together)

2. What surprised you about the other person's answers?

The Great Banquet 

In Luke 14, Jesus tells a story of a banquet whose guests do not want to come. Instead, he fills the party with some unexpected guests.

After studying this passage with your friend, spend some time praying: 

What need would you like God to meet? 

The journey's not over - when will you get together and explore the next step on the journey to faith?