Considering whether you are ready to follow Jesus.

The Prodigal Son

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the story of the son who returns to his father's open and loving arms. 

Where are you in this story? 
Are you far from God, at rock bottom, walking back home, or in God's arms?

1. God created the world with love and purpose. We are made in God’s image, to live with God at the center of our relationships.

2. The world broke when humans pushed their Creator away. Our world is divided and hurting. We carry pain inside us that can damage others. We sometimes participate in oppressive systems.

4. The Spirit of Jesus sends
us to restore relationships,
repair communities, and seek
justice. We invite others
into God’s healing

3. But God did not abandon us.
Jesus came to heal us. He
took our personal evil and our
world’s evil to the grave with
him. He came back to life to
bring new life to us.

Would you like to start following Jesus today?


If you’re already following Jesus, would you like to invite others into God’s healing? Are you part of a community that can live out Jesus’ ways together?