Cultivate curiosity by asking good questions.

Discuss the questions below: 

Warm Up

1. Share about the last time you were curious about something. What did you do to learn about it?

Round 1 - Asking Questions

Christian Friend - What are some questions about your faith that you are still unsure about?

Seeking Friend - What are some of the questions you have about Christianity or faith in general?

Round 2 - Becoming Curious

Christian Friend - What are you doing to get clarity?

Seeking Friend -  If you could ask God any question, what would it be?

Round 3 - Debrief

What part of the conversation did you enjoy the most? 

The Wedding at Cana

In John 2, Jesus attends a wedding and miraculously turns water into wine. This miracle invites new questions - like why is Jesus providing such good wine at the end of the wedding?

After studying this passage, take one of these acts of generosity: 

Give out candy, chips, or other snacks
Buy blue books or scantros to give away during midterms
Give out soda or gatorade on a hot day

The journey's not over - when will you get together and explore the next step on the journey to faith?